Our Values

We are Customer Oriented; Derlas Ltd. Sti. managers and employees care about their customers and depend on their customers. While meeting our customers’ needs and expectations, we try to understand what their future needs might be.

We are different; Derlas Ltd. Sti. managers and employees always feel the excitement of making a difference and constantly improving it. It constantly searches for differentiation and improvement in its products and services.

Participant; Derlas Ltd. Ltd. Şti. Employees at all levels are an important part of our organization. We are aware of the value that our employees’ knowledge, skills and personal values ​​will add to our journey of quality.

We are Quality Oriented; Derlas Ltd. Sti. managers and employees keep the understanding of quality at the highest level in all kinds of activities and they certainly do not compromise.

We respect the law; Derlas Ltd. Sti. managers and employees care and adopt the law in accordance with the law in all their activities with an understanding of honesty and social state.

We Keep Job Safety Ahead; Derlas Ltd. Sti. It cares about the safety of its employees, customers and other people who interact with its activities. It acts in line with this principle with all its employees in order to be aware of the dangers arising from our activities and to minimize the risks associated with these dangers.

We respect the environment; Derlas Ltd. Sti. It sees it as a duty to raise awareness of its employees and suppliers and to minimize our environmental impacts arising from our activities in order to contribute to the creation of a livable world.

We Believe in Management Systems; Derlas Ltd. Sti. As we are aware that managing work and life is a system business, we believe in the importance of creating, implementing and continuously improving management systems that will contribute to our existence in our constantly developing world.